Reiki Therapies

In-Person appointments will begin once again after Easter.

Mask's will not be enforced, but hand sanitization will be.

If you have any cold or flue symptoms STAY HOME!

This is a home business. Please respect the person's living in this home with respect.  

God Bless...

Reiki helps to promote healing on all levels.

Body - Physical being, aches and pains that one can feel through out their physical body such as; Head aches, Arthritis, Sport injuries, Asthma, Skin irritation and more.

Mind - Helps to quiet the mind, slow thoughts down, aids with depression, lack of focus, ill thoughts, relaxes the mind enhancing learning, memory and mental wellness.

Soul - Reiki is often described as a massage for the soul. Reiki works with Divine ( Universal Energy ) to clear away any blockages and negative energies preventing one from truly being connected to their life purpose on a spiritual level.  

 Reiki Master Sharla Frewin uses traditional Usui Reiki techniques along with her very own Mystical touch of Psychic and Empathical abilities.

Sharla will talk you through a grounding meditation to help you to relax. She then will connect to Universal and Divine energy before connecting to your own. This is to ensure a safe and successful session.

During a one hour session Sharla will go through all of your major and non major Chakras that are located all throughout the body starting just above the head at the Crown Chakra all the way down to below the feet at The Earth Star Chakra. Clearing the chakra's of  negative energies, bring back the natural balance and enhance healing physical aches and pains. She does the Same with the Aura which has several layers to it and just as the chakra's each layer has their own significant meaning and connection to ones symptoms. By going through all chakra's and aura Sharla is able to see and feel symptoms that her client may have had or is currently experiencing. This gives Sharla the best chances of aiding and promote healing. Once She has completed the session, she then will cut the energy cords (Known as Cord Cutting) and seal the session in a Divine energy shield ensuring the session is closed with love and healing. 

A half hour session only goes through the 8 major chakra's and aura. This session also is sealed in a Divine energy shield but does not include cord cutting. The half hour is recommended for those who have Reiki Therapy done on a regular basis. Its recommended that one should have a half hour reiki therapy session once a week or a one hour session once every two weeks. 

30 minute session $40

60 minute session $70

Tips to ensure a relaxing visit:

1. Book your appointment for a date and time that isn't already full of commitments. 

2. Wear comfortable clothing such as yoga or sweat pants and a loose fitted top.   

3. Please take care of personal hygiene and avoid strong deodorants and perfumes.

Earth and Space

Mystical Reiki Remote Healing

Now enjoy all the benefit's that Reiki has to offer from the comfort of your own home. No need to take the day off, or disrupt your usual daily routine.

Mystical Reiki Remote Healing makes it possible for Sharla to send healing energy directly to you from a distance. Using Universal Life Force Energy and sacred ceremony;( with your consent) Sharla is able to connect to your unique energy, delivering all the healing benefits no matter where in the world you may be.

This session goes through each of the major chakra's and aura. Clearing and opening each one as she restores balance.

You will receive a write up giving detail of your session and recommendations.

This session is available to everyone all over the world.

$30 Cad - payable via email money transfer.

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